How to fix a power brick for a Macbook Pro or Macbook Air

How to fix a power cord for a MacBookPro or MacBook Air

This is not an appliance repair article as much as it is a computer repair – but I get asked if I can help with this issue of how to fix a power brick for a MacBookPro, so I looked up what it would take in order to do this.  Ironically, I damaged a powerbrick on my MacBook Air and actually had to do this repair to it.  It was a little tougher than I would have thought, but not too severe.  (having a fully stocked electronics bench helped).

First thing you’ll need is the replacement cord.  You can pick them up for under $10 at Amazon. (this is the most common one for MacBooks but make sure you’re getting the one that is a match for your computer).

I also looked up the part to replace the cord for the newer format MagSafe2 power cord for the latest models of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

You should have a solder gun, some electrical solder, and some electric wire shrink tube.  If you don’t have any of these – do not start this project because it will not go well.

If you have not used a soldering iron before, or it’s been a while, do a practice run and lay a little solder onto a board and a spare piece of coated electric wire.  A little practice before you attempt to solder your valuable power brick is a really good idea and could save you from burning off an eyebrow or something.

Past that, the attached video is accurate on how to replace the cord.  This can save you $80 (price of a new one from Apple).

Again, this is not an appliance repair how-to.  But, if you ever need a household appliance repair and you’re in the Houston area, I hope you would give us a call.

How to fix a power brick for a Macbook Pro or Macbook Air


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