How to Repair a Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine with a Popped Heating Element

rancilio-silvia-espressomachineIf you have a Rancilio Silvia that is having heating problems and keeps popping a breaker in your home or the main switch in Silvia shuts it down, you probably have a short to ground. It’s not dangerous to fix – unless you forget to unplug it.  I found a good video that can walk you through the repair.  It’s awesome to keep your Rancilio running – so don’t give up on it.

Personally, my Rancilio Silvia is 6 years old.  I have done a few tune-ups on it and upgraded the steam control handle.  But past that, it’s pretty much run on it’s own with little needs.  So, if you divide the price tag over 6 years and compare it to the amount of money I saved by making great espresso at home instead of running to a nearby Starbucks – this thing made me money!  Here’s the rough math ( if Silvia died tomorrow).

Initial price: $700
equals: $0.32 per day to own it.
Cost of beans per drink: $0.30

Having two espresso drinks per day cost me $1.24 (Grande size with extra shot)

Those same drinks at Starbucks = $9.00

Starbucks for 6 years = $19,710

My espresso for 6 years =  $2,716

Savings: $17,000 !!!!

BOOM!  Thank you Silvia for being my friend!

rancilio silvia

Rancilio Silvia Added notes:

So, I posted this to be informational.  And then I went and inspected my Rancilio and found a pretty good sized leak in the boiler.  I had been suspicious because she (Silvia) was losing water pressure if I left her on for any length of time.  So, I ordered a new boiler and did the repair.  It went smoothly because of what I learned in this video.  But I will warn you: make sure to order thermal grease.  I actually found that I could not buy it in my town and had to order some from Amazon.

So, Silvia is back to running very well and I am very happy to have her continued service!